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Take Me to the Pocono Pines

At some point this past summer I found myself agreeing to go on a weekend hiking trip to upstate New York (Lake Placid), which eventually morphed into a trip to the Pocono Pines in Pennsylvania. I wasn't too keen on... Continue Reading →


A Local Haunt: Happy Goat Coffee

The Happy Goat Coffee Company are a small-batch artisan style coffee company located in the heart of Ottawa. Like many roasteries, they have a charming cafe attached, and that's where I happened to be Friday night for show, which I can only describe... Continue Reading →

Word of the Day

According to Merriam-Webster, the word of the day is phlegmatic. 1 : resembling, consisting of, or producing the humor phlegm 2 : having or showing a slow and stolid temperament; not easily upset, excited, or angered How I came upon this is... Continue Reading →

Welcome to the World, Postcard Weekend

I never realized I was much of a writer until I started a blog while living in Korea. Unfortunately I deactivated it in a fit of uncertainty about myself and haven't looked at it since. But I was told it... Continue Reading →

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