I never realized I was much of a writer until I started a blog while living in Korea. Unfortunately I deactivated it in a fit of uncertainty about myself and haven’t looked at it since. But I was told it was popular by my parents. So I mean, take that how you will. Since then I’ve waffled on the idea of writing again, but I’ve been living in Ottawa since the fall of 2016 and could never decide on what to write about.

Travel? Well I don’t do that so much these days, even though it consumes my dreams and generally my Google searches.

Ottawa? I don’t know, I live here, but my real life here revolves around my bed and avoiding the absurd and extreme weather that we seem to get (damn cold winters and sweltering summers).

Politics? I work in it, but it would be weird to write about. Seems like a conflict of interest. Or at least wanting to come home and not have to think about work. That might be nice. I’m a big fan of leaving work at work and home at home.

Hobbies? My hobbies wax and wane, one day it’s sewing, the next it’s baking, the day after it’s taking long naps that can rival a cat. I also once made homemade lip balm.

Anyways, I decided on something between the first two and my life in general–I have a lot of thoughts and finally put together a dumping ground–plus some photography thrown in since I finally bought a DSLR.

Picture Above: There’s a giant-ass spider called “Maman” by Louise Bourgeois in front of the National Art Gallery here in Ottawa. It’s pretty cool.