Inside the Happy Goat

The Happy Goat Coffee Company are a small-batch artisan style coffee company located in the heart of Ottawa. Like many roasteries, they have a charming cafe attached, and that’s where I happened to be Friday night for show, which I can only describe as jazz-infused covers of pop and rock music. This place will most definitely become a new spot for me to go and read.

I love local coffee shops for their unique decor compared to bigger chains that all have a uniform look and taste. There’s always something so distinct about them, that I even years after visiting one I can still remember the decor, the image, and the vibe of the place. Years later, I can still remember some of the locally owned coffee shops I’ve visited over the years while travelling. Or the ones from my time living in Korea. My favourite while in Korea was probably the one I went to with plants everywhere. The plants gave it such a calm and relaxing vibe.

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