Just a girl from Canada‚Äôs bureaucratic capital city trying to figure out this ‘adult’ thing. An avid traveller, I spend my days daydreaming until my next trip, looking up flights on Skyscanner, and then asking everyone I know if they’d be interested in going on a last minute trip to [location] with me. Most of the time it’s a resounding ‘no’ unless I’m asking about a weekend trip to Montreal or Toronto.

Hello, Toronto.

I can’t really define myself by my work, but for the past few years after I moved home from teaching abroad (Korea) I worked at the House of Commons and just recently started a new job as an editor for a website that follows the House. Having studied political science at Carleton, University, I love what I do and I’m finally doing something relevant to my degree , but I dream of living abroad once more.

I also love cats. I have far too many Asian street wear shirts with cats on them for a 30 year old. No regrets. I don’t have a cat in my right now, but I’m hoping to adopt an old, but still good cat in the near future. 

Picture above: Me standing in front of some mountains drinking from a very overpriced Starbucks coffee, Kananaskis, Alberta, January 2015.